Thank you for taking the time to visit my campaign page. I have counted it an honor to serve as your Judge of the 9th District Court, and also as your Montgomery County First Assistant District Attorney the previous six years.

As a prosecutor for over twenty years, I dedicated my life to keeping our community safe. As Judge of the 9th District Court, public safety has continued to be my most important goal.  If re-elected in 2020, you can count on me to continue to keep this commitment.

If I haven’t had an opportunity to meet you yet, I hope that you will give me the chance to introduce myself. It would be my pleasure to answer any questions, or concerns, you may have. Click here to send me an email.

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Fairness – Above all else, a judge must be a fair and neutral arbiter of the facts and the law. All decisions must be consistent with legal precedent and implemented without favoritism towards any party. A judge must be an expert in their field but be willing to patiently explore the unique circumstances of each case in order to make appropriate decisions.
Consistency – A fair judge is also a relatively predictable one. Each case will have its own facts and circumstances, but cases that have similar circumstances should be ruled on in the same way. Being consistent helps attorneys on both sides more efficiently resolve cases because they can accurately manage their client’s expectations and advise accordingly.
Efficiency – “Justice delayed is justice denied” is not just a catchy saying. As cases “age” both sides begin to lose the ability to present accurate and effective evidence. Witnesses become unavailable, forget crucial details, or develop biases. Evidence degrades. For incarcerated defendants, their life passes them by, they are unable to be contributing members of their family and society, and incarceration costs rise. Docket management and discovery control orders, as well as courtroom access, help resolve cases quickly.
Accessibility – Crime is a 24 hour a day activity. Law enforcement, attorneys, and defendants need judges who are present and engaged as much as possible. I will be available when needed. Additionally, my court staff and I will maximize courtroom access so that all parties can move their cases and investigations forward as efficiently as justice allows.
Community Values – A judge is a servant of their community. While sometimes called upon to make decisions that will be unpopular, a judge should strive to resolve cases in a balanced lawful manner which reflects the values of their jurisdiction. A judge should never let their personal biases or feelings interfere with those decisions.