Why Phil?

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Phil’s expertise and track record of excellence in this community makes him a solid choice for Judge of the 9th District Court.  Here’s why you should vote for Phil:

Expert in Field

The Judge for the 9th District Court in Montgomery County presides solely over felony criminal cases.  You need someone in this position that is well versed in the law and also will interpret the law, not legislate from the bench.  Phil is the only candidate in this race who is Board Certified in Criminal Law, by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization, and the only candidate that has been a felony prosecutor with over 100 first chair felony trials.  Phil received his law degree from the University of Texas.  As an authority in criminal law, Phil has taught instruction to law enforcement, and students at the Texas State and Lonestar College, on ethics, criminal law and forensic science.

A “Jack of All Trades but Master of None” is not a wise choice for Judge of the 9th District Court. Would you want a general practitioner performing your brain surgery or a neurosurgeon?  In the same respect, if your loved one was a victim of a crime, you would want an expert in criminal law presiding over the court.   Montgomery County needs a Judge in the 9th who is a Master in Criminal Law.  Phil Grant is the best choice for Judge, 9th District Court.

Public Safety

Keeping his community safe has always been a mission of Phil’s.  This is especially true when it comes to our most vulnerable – children.  As the father of seven, as well as a foster and adoptive parent, Phil personally understands the life of every child is precious and that they need the protection of adults.  Sadly, victimization of children is not rare.  During his eight years as a prosecutor in Harris County, Phil specialized in child sexual abuse and public integrity cases.  After he began working in Williamson County, he was named Child Abuse Prosecutor of the Year in 2007 by the Williamson County Children’s Advocacy Center and Child Protective Team.  Phil is currently Past-President of the Board of Children’s Safe Harbor (the Montgomery County Child Advocacy Center).  As the First Assistant District Attorney for Montgomery County, Phil has worked to expand the resources that this county dedicates to child sex crime investigation and prosecution, adding two full time prosecutors, an investigator, a victim coordinator and additional law enforcement to the team that works full time on these crimes.  Phil Grant will be a Judge that you can depend on to protect the innocent.

Well Respected in the Community

  • Endorsed by Montgomery County Law Enforcement Association
  • Endorsed by Coalition of Police & Sheriffs
  • Endorsed by Sheriff Tommy Gage
  • Endorsed by Constable David Hill
  • see more endorsements here

An elected official should be someone with strong ties to the community.  An unknown can be unpredictable.  Phil has been involved in this community since he moved here in 2009 and has been an active member of many organizations such as Children’s Safe Harbor, the Conroe Noon Lions, and the Greater Houston Athletic Association for the Physically Disabled.  He was appointed by the Texas Supreme Court to the Guardian Certification Board to help develop qualifications and files for those that represent physically and mentally incompetent individuals.  As a judge, Phil’s ability to make a positive impact on our community, outside the courthouse, will be even greater.


The son of a Marine Corps officer, Phil learned at an early age that honor and integrity were paramount in your dealings with others.  A champion of open file policies and transparent discovery procedures, Phil has helped draft legislation that expands fairness in the criminal justice system and helps prevent wrongful convictions.  He teaches ethics to elected District Attorneys statewide on complicated issues such as Civil Asset Forfeitures.  When trying to help junior attorneys to make difficult decisions, his starting point is always the same: What’s the right thing to do?